Jon Brazer Enterprises


This week in Traveller, we bring you a new combat Robot. Everyone needs an evil “Exterminator” robot that yells “Terminate”. Well we are bringing you exactly that this week. We hope it enhances your game. Krown TS-165 “Executioner” Combat Robot (TL 12) Available now from Krown Robotics, is the Executioner. This fully autonomous robot set a new gold standard in mechanized warfare. With improved armor and independent targeting for each gun arm,… Read More

With Mech Tech ‘n’ bot launching next week, Jon Brazer Enterprises is displaying one of the images from that first issue. The “Janel” series of robot comes with software ideal for high class bars, restaurants, and other eating establishments and can be found in the homes of the elite and cruise liners. This life-like robot, drawn by J. Cox, is a popular model throughout known space. Look for Mech Tech ‘n’ bot:… Read More

Starting July 20th, Jon Brazer Enterprises brings you Mech Tech ‘n’ bot, a new line focused on futuristic technology. Each 4 page issue brings you exciting, settingless computers, robots, drones and mechs for your Traveller-based game. The first issue titled Everyday Machines brings you machines for your players to interact with on a regular basis. Included within is a holographic armband computer, a steward robot, a household servant, a multi-purpose drone and… Read More