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In the past week, we received two new reviews. First up is the review for our newest release: Shadowsfall Legends: Pawn, Deception, and Sacrifice – Valdia’s Tale. This 4-Star review declares that it “would definitely be enjoyed by any adult who is a fan of dark fiction,” making sure to add that there are “no sparkly vampires here.” We’re really enjoying this story and are glad that others are enjoying it as… Read More

Not long ago we posted a link to a forum thread where many people said some very nice things about d66 Ship Names 2. It has come to our attention that many other people have been saying good things about the whole d66 line, other individual products and about Jon Brazer Enterprises in general. Here are a few of link to what people are saying: About the d66 line: RPG Blog’s Zack’s… Read More