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In honor of International Talk Like A Pirate Day, we at Jon Brazer Enterprises are making it known a few of our upcoming plan! We plan to be releasin’ a few Pirate themed PDFs over the next few months and we would like to invite ye to submit yur best pirate themed spells to us for publication, har har. What are we lookin’ fur? We want spells for any and all of… Read More

Jon Brazer Enterprises is committed to bringing you the highest quality products. To this end, we have uploaded the PDF to the second printing of the Book of the River Nations: Complete Player’s Reference for Kingdom Building to both DriveThruRPG/RPGNow and To receive your PDF copy, goto the downloads page of the respective website and click on the Book of the River Nations link. This printing incorporates the errata and rules… Read More

Last night I was working on the cover to the next Book of Beasts. Placing the logos is a lot more time consuming than you’d think. “Does it look good here or should I move it over 2 pixels?” is a common question. Yes, being that nitpicky really is that important. So I came to the title. I put it in place and made sure it filled the space. Done. I sat… Read More

We’re looking at getting a tentative convention schedule for the next year assembled, but a lot of cons have poorly maintained (or non-existant) websites. Many others we find their website by accident instead of a simple Google search. So we’re coming to you. What local gaming cons do you goto that we should be at. Realistically, we can only go anywhere inside the area of Columbus OH, Rochester, NY, Boston, MA, and… Read More

So GenCon is over for the year. The news coming out of the great gamer con is exciting as it always is. Most exciting for us is Paizo’s Pathfinder announcements. Incase you had not heard, the word is that Paizo will be releasing Ultimate Equipment as their GenCon 2012 release and the AP after the Pirate themed one is going to be about artifact-hunting and more Runelord stuff. All of which sounds… Read More

Are you going to GenCon? No? Neither are we. We at Jon Brazer Enterprises want to give you the next best thing, namely getting your favorite PDFs at 20% off. From now through Aug 7th, you can grab ALL of our PDFs (that are over 50 cents) for 20% off. That’s right! All of them. Even our newest release: Book of the River Nations: Complete Player’s Reference to Kingdom Building is on… Read More

This past July 1, we finally launched our monthly newsletter. The newsletter is a great place to keep up to date as to what is going on at JBE and to catch exclusive previews not available anywhere else. We’re preparing our August 1st newletter now and we’ve got some special surprises coming up. Sign up today to see what we have instore.

DriveThruRPG and RPGNow are having their annual Christmas In July Sale and Jon Brazer Enterprises is taking part. Check out our products on sale today and get some of our most popular Pathfinder and Traveller titles at 25% off

Yesterday I put up an open call on Paizo’s forums for Pathfinder crunch editors. As I said there, it is no secret that Jon Brazer Enterprises is working on a Book of Beasts and we’re looking for editors to make sure all of our crunch is good.. I was going to get around to putting the same open call up on our website but before I had a chance, I was flooded… Read More

Incase you hadn’t heard, Ennies Voting Is Now Open! We’re really excited for this year’s nominees. While we urge you to vote what you feel are best products in the respective categories, we ask you to strongly consider voting for Super Genius Game and Alluria Publishing as a Pathfinder 3rd party publisher winning an Ennie will help to spread the word of Pathfinder Compatible publishers and help to show that we make… Read More