[Traveller] Talkin’ Mechs

Well it has been a while since I have posted much of anything other than press releases and such. But I have escaped my own inner slave driver for a few moments and I’m going to take a short break from mech writing to say…. I’ve been mech writing, alot. Final count, 19 mechs, 3 new careers, an appendix full of ship scale, mech optimized weaponry and a page of designers notes and suggestions. So far, its alot of fun. I plan to begin major teasers in a week or two.

Mostly, I’m working on the careers at this point. The careers are military, mercenary, and civilian/corporate, while there’s alot of overlap between the military and the merc career, there is alot of variation in the mishaps and events tables that I felt they needed to be two different careers. Another difference between them is that a mercenary company would have a representative that can get the mercs out of trouble. I mean a company is not going to send half a dozen 40MCr machines and not send along a lawyer that will get them out of a law suit should one arise. Plus the Representative serves in a leadership/tactician roll for the outfit.

The slave driver in me says it is time to get back to work so if you will parton me…

[Traveller] JBE Needs Your Help

Good day Traveller fans,

In April, Jon Brazer Enterprises will be turning one year old. It has been a long road and a learning experience, but we made it farther than we thought we would. And now, we are looking to go much further. To do that, we need your help. Over the past year we have been asking your opinion on a number of questions ranging from product topics, to PDF/Print preferences, and others. And we have listened. You liked the d66 line, we have a large d66 book on the schedule for later this year. You said you wanted a referee’s guide; we’re planning one for next year. But to do all this effectively, we need your assistance to get into game stores. Most local game store owners will not stock much from small press publishers without their customers asking them to carry such products. So we are asking you to ask. Here’s how:

Send an email to your local game store. Inside the body of the email, include three things:

  • Ask them to carry “Mech Tech ‘n’ bot: Mech Squadrons by Jon Brazer Enterprises” when it is released in April and can order it from their regular distributor,
  • Let them know we will be releasing additional Traveller and Pathfinder Compatible products in the future, and
  • Mention that they can talk to “Dale McCoy of Jon Brazer Enterprises at the GAMA Trade Show in March.”

As a way of saying thank you for your help, JBE will be releasing four d66 lists in April to all gamers that send this email before March 15, 2010 to their local game stores and include ‘contact@jonbrazer.com’ in the BCC line of the email. These four d66 lists will not be available anywhere else until the d66 book comes out (currently scheduled for October of this year). We will not be giving your email addresses to anyone.

Again, thank you everyone for making this past year exceptional. We hope to enhance your games more throughout the year and for years to come.

Dale C. McCoy, Jr

[Traveller] I Heart Mechs

This is a repost of a blog entry on ENWorld. Come join us there for more Pathfinder RPG blog posts and a few Traveller entries as well.

Mechs make fun toys. No matter what setting they’re in, I love mechs. DragonMech, Exalted’s warstriders, BattleTech, Mech Warrior and many others. There’s just something about piloting a giant robot that can punch down a building that appeals to me. Maybe its the way they make the ground shake as you approach. Maybe its the giant guns. Or maybe I really just want to be a dinosaur and this is the easiest way to do it. I don’t know. But they’re fun nonetheless.

So for my first major print product for Traveller, I had to do a Mech book. My company was the first to publish a Mech for the current edition of the game and soon we’ll be the first to publish a supplement devoted to these monster trucks on legs. Not much I can talk about at this point in time, but I can show you the cover.

I can also let you in on a bit of the design philosophy that I am using. Let me state right off the bat that I am not using the Vehicle Design Rules from the Civilian/Military Vehicles books published by Mongoose Publishing. Why? Two simple reasons. 1) They are not OGL. As of the date I stated writing up my own Gundam, the rules were not available for other publishers to use. So I am doing what I can with the Traveller Main Rulebook, High Guard, and Mercenary (yes I am using all 3). And 2) using the book goes against my commitment to require as few books as possible. My own experience with writing for D&D 3.5 tells me that you can never make the assumption that anyone has any book beyond the core rule book (unless you’re doing a psionic supplement, but that’s about it). With that in mind, I am using High Guard, but I am making sure that High Guard is not required to get full use out of this book.

The only part of Mercenary that is required are the Mass Combat rules. In my experience, a great way for a game to feel larger than yourself is to have mass scale combats. When you command 100 souls and know that your actions determine their fates, you cannot help but feel apart of that world and to know your place in it. So far, I have not seen any mass combats be encourages in supplements, so I am going to help that along by including stats for a armies and mercenary companies or simple defense groups this and future supplements. If nothing else, it will be a fun experiment to see what people think of such stats included in the book.

Until Next Time, Have Fun.

“Traveller” and the Traveller logo are Trademarks owned by Far Future Enterprises, Inc. and are used with permission. The Traveller Main Rulebook is available from Mongoose Publishing.

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