Traveller: Smart Guns

I saw a report recently about smart guns and how they are work. It was pretty cool. A thought I had about them shortly after the report was: why aren’t they in Traveller. So I’m adding them as an option. Here goes:

New Equipment Option

Smart Firearm (TL 8+). At the time of manufacturing, any firearm can become a smart gun. This prevents the gun from firing unless the designated person is holding the gun. At lower tech levels (TL 8-10), this represents a bracelet, ring or similar object being worn by the wielder that must be within 30 centimeters of the firearm. At higher tech levels (TL 10+), this represents DNA encoding to make sure the holder of the weapon is the designated person. When an authorized user of a Smart Firearm is deactivated, a new user normally must wait one minute before being activated. This modification triples the cost of the weapon.

New Skill Uses

Gun Combat
Activating a user on a smart firearm: Education, 10-60 seconds, Easy
Activating a user on a smart firearm within 1 minute of a user being deactivated: Education, 10-60 seconds, Difficult
Making a smart firearm think the current user is the authorized user: Education, 1-6 seconds, Very Difficult.

What do you think?

Traveller: Comms and Computers

Mech Tech 'n' bot: Mech SquadronsAs I mentioned before, JBE is coming back to Traveller and we are excited. We thought we would bring you a few of the pieces of equipment we are working on and letting you have it early for your home games.

Sapphire “Blue Gem”

New from Sapphire is the Blue Gem. This video phone bears the trademark six sided, translucent blue cover. The Blue Gem offers planet-wide audio calls, realtime video calls, downloadable applications, and planetnet browsing.

TL 9 Audio/visual/data, computer/0. Features onscreen dialing, onscreen keyboard, typemessages, videomessages, built in camera, and standard software (Database 9+, Interface, Music/0, Photo/0, Video/0). Cr 400.

HMG “Talon”
Again, HMG brings you the leading in communication devices. This pen size phone makes use of a planet’s holocast network to provide near real-time holographic communication. The built in voice activated computer gives you access to near limitless information instantly. This phone enables you to download applications and browse the local planetnet.

TL 12 Audio/holographic/data, computer/1. Features holographic keyboard, voice activated dialing, typemessages, holocalling, built in Hologram/0, standard software(Database 6+, Interface, Hologram/0, Music/2, Photo/1, Video/1). Cr 900

HMG “Claw”
This video phone delivers exceptionally clear audio and video calls and messages planet wide. You can also capture and playback music, video and pictures. Planetnet browsing available with additional fee.

TL 12 Audio/Video/data, computer/0. Features typemessages, software(Interface, Music/0, Photo/0, Video/0). Cr 100

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