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When that gruff old war hero starts spouting off again about how he won the battle single-handedly, remember to give that space battle a name. d66 Names of Famous Space Battles lets you add the flavor to the character with no hesitation. Have a unique name ready in an instant. Don’t forget to mention what ship he served on. Every planet, corporation, independent space station and self-governing moon has its own military… Read More

Today we are releasing two new d66 lists for your games. We are bringing you d66 Reasons for an Amber Alert System and d66 Reasons for a Red Alert System. Some worlds are just so dangerous that a travel advisory needs to be posted. Some only potentially dangerous and receive an Amber Alert. Others are outright illegal for unauthorized personnel to enter or otherwise life threatening and require a Red Alert. These… Read More

Jon Brazer Enterprises is proud to make a return to Traveller with two new d66 lists for your game. First up, we have d66 Reasons Why the Planet is Dead. Covering the gambit from natural to sentient-race made reasons, these reasons will add some “life” to your dead worlds. Download now at DriveThruRPG and RPGNow. This next list comes straight off a suggestion from the Mongoose Traveller forums. d66 Atmosphere Taints gives… Read More

As the holidays have wrapped up and you begin to get back into your science fiction RPG, be sure to have the d66 Compendium at your side. This books gives you the name for every ship, planet, moon, starbase, spaceport, robot manufacturer, and mercenary company you could ever want. Flesh out your character or give your game setting all the detail you could want with proper names and descriptions for every situation…. Read More

Jon Brazer Enterprises is committed to bring you our books in a fashion that you want to see them. That especially includes print. As such, we are making our newly released Book of Heroic Races: Seedlings available for Print from DriveThruRPG and This book, written by Marie Small is the first in our Book of Heroic Races series, giving players new balanced races they can play alongside a human, elf or… Read More

Not every game takes place in the vast depths of the black. Some far future games take place right here around earth. When humans leave the cradle of civilization to colonize our solar system, they will generate names for every place they create and you will need names for them all. And once again, the d66 lists are here to help. To this end, we have d66 Terra System: American Colony Names… Read More

Two new d66 lists are released today for your role playing games in the far future. The first is d66 Pirate Ship Names 2. Need more ship names of raiders, thieves, and dread pirates, this list have them all. Never let your encounters in deep space go without a properly fearsome name. Up next we have d66 Pirate Bases. Every pirate needs a place to rest, refuel and sell off their ill-gotten… Read More

Bad aliens! Bad aliens! Whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when they come for you? Ok, I won’t torture you with my singing. We’re excited to announce we’ve got two new d66 being released today. First up is d66 Criminal Hideouts. Need someplace imaginative for the alien your characters are searching for to hide, look no further. This list covers everything from low-life drug dens to high class private floating islands. Grab… Read More

In the past week, we received two new reviews. First up is the review for our newest release: Shadowsfall Legends: Pawn, Deception, and Sacrifice – Valdia’s Tale. This 4-Star review declares that it “would definitely be enjoyed by any adult who is a fan of dark fiction,” making sure to add that there are “no sparkly vampires here.” We’re really enjoying this story and are glad that others are enjoying it as… Read More

JBE is bringing back our monthly d66 lists again. We wanted to start it off again with a one for all you evil Referees out there. First up is d66 Reasons Why the Starport is Closed. That’s right. 36 ways to be evil to your players. Everything from mundane reason like Lawyers are suing the spaceport and solar flare activity to the extreme like a computer virus deleting takeoff-protocols or claims by… Read More