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With the eminent release of Shadowsfall: Shadow Plane Player’s Companion we are looking at the setting itself in more detail. Yesterday we looked at the overall setting itself, answering a number of question people have had about the setting. Today we are looking one of the locations in the setting in more detail: the stronghold of Blackbat. Blackbat, as a stronghold, possesses a city with about 100-200 miles in any direciton of… Read More

Eldritch Power from Master Spellcasters Created by some of the world’s best spellcasters, the Book of Magic bears their unique magical creations. From the tools of Riyal the Abjurer to favorites of Tamis the undead hunting priestess and Rostov the snake-loving druid, these spells for every Pathfinder class are sure to surprise your foes and your friends. Signature Spells 2 delivers to you more than 30 new spells, with a focus on… Read More

Well, we’re back from PaizoCon and we’re THRILLED! We’re PUMPED! WE ARE EXCITED! We had a great time playing games and meeting everyone. This was the largest PaizoCon yet and it was encouraging to see everyone so excited about their Pathfinder games. It was also great to have people come up to us, telling us how the Book of the River Nations has been such a game saver for their game. We… Read More

Over the weekend, we finalized the changes to the Book of Beasts: Monsters of the River Nations. With all errata incorporated, we believe that this book is the best we have done to date. The PDF has been uploaded to DriveThruRPG/RPGNow, Paizo and Bits and Mortar. Just remember, if you bought a printed copy of the Book of Beasts, you get the PDF for free. So you can have all the updates… Read More

And so it begins. The Book of Beasts: Monsters of the River Nations is off to the printer. Now it is time to show off some of the monsters inside. For this, Jon Brazer Enterprises has teamed up with the fine folks at For the next several weeks they will be showing off three monsters and two haunts in the book. That’s right, Haunts. The undead menacing locations described in the… Read More