Pathfinder: Frontier City of Blackbat

With the eminent release of Shadowsfall: Shadow Plane Player’s Companion we are looking at the setting itself in more detail. Yesterday we looked at the overall setting itself, answering a number of question people have had about the setting. Today we are looking one of the locations in the setting in more detail: the stronghold of Blackbat.

Blackbat, as a stronghold, possesses a city with about 100-200 miles in any direciton of farmland, mining towns, forested land and other areas of low population. The city was founded when an alliance of fetchlings, humans, elves and others came to a peaceful agreement with the hobgoblins, orcs, and drow to build a city for the mutual defense against the dangers of Shadowsfall. To this day, mistrust and struggles still plague the city, but they will stand shoulder to shoulder each time a horde of skeletons or zombies comes to tear down the city walls.

The city itself is made up of three districts. Darktown is North of the river that flows through the center of town. Fetchlings, umbral kobolods, drow, dhampir, hobgoblins, orcs and half orcs are the main inhabitants of this side of town. Castle Blackbat, several temples and the main market are the main points of interest in Darktown. Besides these, houses and tenants of those that brave the nearby Shivering Forest are mostly located here. Light sources here are nearly non-existent since light hurts the eyes of some of the residents. Fireside is right across the river. This district is home to the magical academy and a number of crafters and artisans. As its name implies, this section of town is well lit because it is home to humans, elves, halflings, and gnomes that do not see as well in the dark. The last district, just to the west of Fireside is Withering Rose. This undead-filled seciton of town is something of an oddity in Shadowsfall. While making deals with vampires to assist with the stronghold’s protection is not unusual, keeping about 3000 zombies at any point in time is highly unusual. The zombies are caught by the hunters of Darktown and sold to the vampires. From there, the zombies are sold off to slavers that operate the mines to the west of the city. This mutually beneficial relationship keeps living from working the unstable mines while still allowing the crafters to have the material they need to create weapons and armor.

Unlike other strongholds, the area surrounding the city has little in the way of warning outposts and retreat fortifications. This is because the stronghold was established less than 100 years ago and the frequent attacks on the city keep the defenders always playing catch up. No one knows exactly where the hordes keep coming from nor why they constantly target the city. Unless brave adventurers put an end to these attacks and soon, all that might remain of this outpost of civilization is a pile of rubble and a new horde of undead.

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Pathfinder: Book of Magic: Signature Spells 2 is Unleashed

Eldritch Power from Master Spellcasters
Created by some of the world’s best spellcasters, the Book of Magic bears their unique magical creations. From the tools of Riyal the Abjurer to favorites of Tamis the undead hunting priestess and Rostov the snake-loving druid, these spells for every Pathfinder class are sure to surprise your foes and your friends.
Signature Spells 2 delivers to you more than 30 new spells, with a focus on levels 4 through 6, giving every spellcaster a unique edge in your game.

This 13-page PDF of personalized spells features:

  • 2 new alchemist formulae
  • 1 new antipaladin spell
  • 8 new bard spells
  • 12 new cleric/oracle spells
  • 4 new druid spells
  • 3 new inquisitor spells
  • 11 new magus spells
  • 1 new paladin spell
  • 1 new ranger spell
  • 25 new sorcerer/wizard spells
  • 4 new summoner spells
  • 12 new witch spells
  • Hero Lab file allowing for easy integration

Wield spells with a personal flare today!

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Back from PaizoCon

Teamwork Congrats on Shadowsfall: Temple of Orcus
Well, we’re back from PaizoCon and we’re THRILLED! We’re PUMPED! WE ARE EXCITED! We had a great time playing games and meeting everyone. This was the largest PaizoCon yet and it was encouraging to see everyone so excited about their Pathfinder games. It was also great to have people come up to us, telling us how the Book of the River Nations has been such a game saver for their game.

We ran two role playing games: this year’s Free RPG Day Adventure and the first playtest of next year’s Free RPG Day adventure. We will be doing a Kickstarter for this adventure in October and we hope that you will support us.

Tim Nightengale gets the first Volunteer of the Year Award
I took part in two seminars and Louis of LPJ Design was right next to me the whole time. I really enjoyed doing them with him and can’t wait until next year to do them again with him. It was also fun sitting next to Gary, Scott, and …. shoot, I can’t remember who from Legendary Games was also on the panel. My apologies.

At the Paizo Preview Banquet, Tim Nightengale received the first Volunteer of the Year Award. If you haven’t met Tim, he is a great guy and he is the man responsible for PaizoCon existing as well as the guy that makes Wayfinder possible. Tim deserves this award and then some. We are really happy for him.

The cosplay at the convention was really fun. Many people dressed up as their favorite Pathfinder character. Here are a few of them. Please share with us a link to any other pictures of anyone else at PaizoCon in cosplay. Since I was still jet lagging, I was asleep during the grand convocation and did not get any pictures of the event, but I heard that there were alot of people dressed up there. Be sure to click on each of these images for a larger version.

We can’t wait for next year’s PaizoCon. We’re already making plans for it. All we need at this point are dates *Hint, Hint, Paizo* so we can get the airline tickets at that much earlier and be confirmed to go that much sooner.

Book of Beasts: Monsters of the River Nations PDF Updated

Over the weekend, we finalized the changes to the Book of Beasts: Monsters of the River Nations. With all errata incorporated, we believe that this book is the best we have done to date. The PDF has been uploaded to DriveThruRPG/RPGNow, Paizo and Bits and Mortar. Just remember, if you bought a printed copy of the Book of Beasts, you get the PDF for free. So you can have all the updates that have been made to the book. If you bought a printed copy of the Book of Beasts and have not yet gotten a copy of the PDF, goto our PDF Guarantee page and see how you can get a free copy today.

We would also like to take a moment and thank the crew at since it was them that helped make this book the best it can be. Thank you gang.

Pathfinder: BoB: Monsters of the River Nations Previews Begin

And so it begins. The Book of Beasts: Monsters of the River Nations is off to the printer. Now it is time to show off some of the monsters inside. For this, Jon Brazer Enterprises has teamed up with the fine folks at For the next several weeks they will be showing off three monsters and two haunts in the book. That’s right, Haunts. The undead menacing locations described in the GameMastery Guide come to (un)life in the Book of Beasts.

Up first in the previews is the Autumn Death. This undead horror flies around, surrounded by swirling leaves and throwing spell-like abilities at those that dare to come close. Click here to find out more about this terrifying creature that haunts the woods in the Lands of Low Character. And be sure to follow along on to find out the latest previews from the Book of Beasts: Monsters of the River Nations.

Book of Beasts: Monsters of the River Nations is published by Jon Brazer Enterprises and is available for pre-order from your local game store or online retailers. Book of Beasts is for use with the Pathfinder Role Playing Game. Pre-order your copy today. The Book of Beasts is part of Jon Brazer Enterprises PDF Guarantee. Find out more about the PDF Guarantee, the Book of Beasts and other exciting titles at

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