Pathfinder: Now with More Bite

All month, we are sharing with you what is inside the Book of Heroic Races: Occult Intrigue in the Wilderness. Previously, we shared with you a wyrwood vigilante archetype. Today, we are sharing a a new shifter aspect for the lizardfolk.

Like so many classes options (like sorcerer bloodlines), this one can be used by anyone. This one just happens to be frequently used by lizardfolk.


The aspect of the alligator or crocodile, depending on the region of the shifter’s origins, grants exceptional maneuverability and stealth in aquatic environments, as well as fearsome combat prowess.

Minor Form: You gain a +4 competence bonus on Stealth checks while in water. This bonus increases to +6 at 8th level and +8 at 15th level. At 8th level, you can increase your base speed by 20 feet for 1 round as a free action, usable once per minute.

Major Form: Your shape changes to that of a crocodile. While in this form, you gain a swim speed of 30 feet, low-light vision, a primary bite attack with the grab ability (1d8 damage, +4 racial bonus to CMB when grappling) and a secondary tail slap attack (1d6 damage). At 8th level, your swim speed increases to 60 feet and you gain the death roll special attack and a +4 racial bonus to CMD against trip attempts. At 15th level, you gain Improved Natural Attack with your bite and tail slap attacks, and the reach of your tail slap attack becomes 10 feet.

Download the Book of Heroic Races: Occult Intrigue in the Wilderness today at the JBE Shop for your Pathfinder game. You can also find it at DriveThruRPG/RPGNow, Paizo, and the Open Gaming Store.

10 True Things About Lizardfolk

With all the attention on JBE’s Big Book of Everything, we have not given the Book of Heroic: Races Advanced Compendium nearly enough attention as it deserves. So today, let’s look at another of the races inside this great time: lizardfolk. Just like we did with catfolk, we have 10 true things about lizardfolk that you should know about them as soon by the author Richard Moore. Take it away Richard.

10 True Things About Lizardfolk

  1. A massive variety of lizardfolk subspecies exists, with nearly as many variations in biology as smaller lizard species.
  2. Some lizardfolk grow to immense sizes, while others are diminutive by comparison.
  3. A few lizardfolk tribes have interbred with true wyrms, yielding fierce dragonsired bloodlines who can breathe fire, frost, acid, or lightning.
  4. Lizardfolk hatcheries, where their young are bred and reared, are the most heavily guarded locations in a tribe’s territory, often boasting several formidable tribal defenders who are tasked with defending the next generation of the tribe.
  5. Lizardfolk can manipulate their eggs so as to alter the sex of their offspring during gestation. Some lizardfolk even spontaneously change sex during their life cycle as a result of drastic population shifts.
  6. Dwarves and lizardfolk have more in common than you might think: they don’t like talking, and they don’t like outsiders. Surprisingly, this makes them excellent neighbors and trade partners.
  7. Among the lizardfolk tribes who ally themselves with dragons, the most skilled warriors are the Anointed Ones: the chosen heroes of their draconic patrons who learn the secrets of alchemy and strike blows with the might of thunder.
  8. Two of the oldest deities revered among the lizardfolk are Tlaloc, a daemonic rain god who protects his worshipers in exchange for mass blood sacrifices, and Qucumatz, the progenitor of the rainbow-feathered couatls who prizes diversity in all living things.
  9. Cannibalism is common among lizardfolk due to the harsh environments they inhabit. Some practitioners of sorcery among the lizards even funnel the consumption of sentient flesh into their spellcraft, allowing them to defy the normal laws of morality when using their magic.
  10. Lizardfolk who worship Tlaloc frequently interbreed with black dragons; their eggs are then anointed in blood during mass sacrifices to create the fearsome Chosen of Tlaloc, massive dragonsired hybrids whose thirst for blood is exceeded only by their hatred for all other living things.

    Download the Book of Heroic Races: Advanced Compendium now at DriveThruRPG/RPGNow, d20PFSRD, and

    Pathfinder: Racial Technology

    Work on the Book of Heroic Races: Advanced Compendium started around the time that Paizo released the Technology Guide for the Pathfinder Campaign Setting. Since Paizo added to the PRD some of my authors thought that it could be referred to like any of the books in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game book line. Alas, Paizo did not allow it so I had to constrain my authors, initially.

    When we were ready to release the Advanced Compendium, I used the technological material already written and contacted those that had asked me about it during the book’s roll out if they wanted to develop more material for it. The result of which was included in Appendix 2: Racial Technology.

    This really help integrate this book with Starjammer. Starjammer is produced by the people behind and is best described as Pathfinder in Space with Technology. This book integrates rather nicely with that supplement. Here one such option that goes great with that book from the Book of Heroic Races: Advanced Compendium.

    Timeworn Reclaimer (Archetype)

    In some sense descended from the civilizations responsible for the existence of most technological items, androids are often quite comfortable timeworn technology. Some androids become hunters of technological items, becoming intimately familiar with their workings.
    Associated Class: rogue
    Associated Race: android
    Replaced Abilities: trapfinding, trap sense, evasion, improved uncanny dodge, master strike
    Technological Empathy: The timeworn reclaimer adds 1/2 her class level to Craft (mechanical) and Disable Device checks related to technology.
    Savant’s Luck: At 2nd level, the timeworn reclaimer reduces the chance for timeworn technological items she uses to glitch by 2% per class level.
    Nanite Infusion: Once she reaches 3rd level, by expending a daily use of her nanite surge as a standard action, the timeworn reclaimer can restore 1 charge to a technological item. The number of charges restored by this ability increases by 1 for every level above 3rd, to a maximum of 6 charges at 18th level.
    Controlled Glitches: Beginning at 8th level, whenever a timeworn technological item glitches during use by the timeworn reclaimer, she can adjust the result of the d% roll in either direction up to an amount equal to her class level, allowing her some control over the nature of the glitch.
    Technological Marvel: A timeworn reclaimer of 20th level can use timeworn technological items without any risk of glitches. Whenever she uses such an item, she can instead force it to glitch and choose the results of that glitch, rather than rolling d% to determine it.

    Download the Book of Heroic Races: Advanced Compendium now at DriveThruRPG/RPGNow, d20PFSRD, and

    Pathfinder: 10 Elan Misconceptions

    Much like our post on 10 True Things about Catfolk, we have 10 things about elans. Instead of things that are true, we bring to you misconceptions concerning this adjusted race. Submitted for your enjoyment, 10 Elan Misconceptions.

    1. Elan are not fey. While truly fair in aspect, elan are creatures of pure psionic energy and are not related to the Fey, even if the individual elan’s original form was.
    2. Elan are not a conspiracy. Since elan are often secretive about their abilities they have acquired a reputation in certain quarters for being a secret cabal of unknown aims. They are not a unified conspiracy, they are a separate race that live among us.
    3. Elan do not originate from another world or plane of existence. Despite their otherworldly aspect, the elan race originated here and are natives not only of the prime material plane but also of this world.
    4. Elan are not fallen celestials. Much like the misconception about their connection to the fey, this one is rooted in the appearance of the elan. Elan have no racial connection to any race besides their own. The are self created, not evolved.
    5. It is often thought that being entities of condensed psionic energy means elans cannot use magic. Nothing could be further from the truth. Oracles, wizards, clerics and other casters are often found within the ranks of most elan communities.
    6. Elans are often confused with human psions and wilders. It is usually only those familiar with them personally that are aware the elan are an entirely separate race.
    7. It is believed that all who undergo the rebirth to become an elan emerge perfected, but in reality there is a tiny percentage that suffer a different change. Called “flawed creations” they tend to be more visibly aberrant and unnerving.
    8. Among the few who are familiar with the elan race an often held held misconception is that elan are mortal like the other races. The fact that they usually only die by violence and otherwise rejuvenate themselves psionically is something the elan keep to themselves out of fear of the jealousy of other races.
    9. Among the more evil races it is said that consuming the flesh of an elan with give the being eating it psionic power. It is an assumption that is most often found among neothelid cultists and worshipers of the elder gods.
    10. In some of the more paranoid quarters it is believed that the elans gain their power by devouring the brains of other sentient beings.

    Elans are apart of the Book of Heroic Races: Advanced Compendium. Download the Book of Heroic Races: Advanced Compendium now at the JBE Shop, DriveThruRPG, d20PFSRD, and

    Pathfinder: Assemble The Heroes

    Heroes Assemble!

    From the seas below to the skies above, from the land to the stars, heroes are all around us, and they come in many different forms. Now you can go beyond the common races and play a member of these 12 imaginative races in your game. Delve into each race’s culture and see the world from their unique point of view. Play a character that you have always dreamed of playing, with all-new specific character options tailored to each race’s flavor. Expand your horizons and your gaming experience with these Advanced Races today!

    Book of Heroic Races: Advanced Compendium is the essential guide for playing untold numbers of characters. This 254-page supplement features:

    • Racial Traits to play 12 different races, plus 60 Alternate Racial Traits and 49 Character Traits to customize your character for your desired unique play experience
    • 125 New Character Class Options, including archetypes, sorcerer and bloodrager bloodlines, oracle mysteries and shaman spirits, cavalier orders, cleric domains and subdomains, rogue talents, alchemist discoveries, familiars and animal companions, time thief temporal talents, soulknife blade skills, and much more
    • 93 New Feats, including martial arts styles, metamagic feats, combat feats, and feats to enhance your chosen racial traits
    • 84 New Magic Items, Mundane Items, and Technological Items
    • 61 New Spells and Psionic Powers
    • 23 New Deities and Philosophies, reflecting the unique viewpoints and values of each race
    • Details for crafting your unique adventurer, as well as suggestions for GMs on how to incorporate each of these races into your campaign world

    Be Heroic With These Advanced Races Today!

    Download the Book of Heroic Races: Advanced Compendium now at the JBE Shop, DriveThruRPG, d20PFSRD, and

    Pathfinder: 10 True Things About Catfolk

    I asked some of our authors to write 10 True Things about their race. And with the impending release of the Book of Heroic Races: Advanced Compendium for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, we thought we’d share them with you. Today we are sharing catfolk. We hope you enjoy them.

    10 True Things About Catfolk

    1. Catfolk tend to be quite superstitious, and pick up even more such behavior from people of other races and cultures with whom they associate.
    2. Matriarchs lead catfolk clans, and their followers demonstrate nearly unswerving loyalty to their mistresses.
    3. Humans, dwarves, and elves can’t speak fully fluent Catfolk because they don’t have tails – but kitsune, lizardfolk, and tieflings can.
    4. Clan matriarchs mate with several of the most desirable males among their warriors and diplomats to ensure that their offspring are of the strongest possible stock.
    5. An unarmed catfolk with extensive hand-to-hand combat training is easily the equal of a fully armed and armored human. Their claws give them a distinct edge in battle.
    6. Catfolk look very disfavorably upon thieves, and this is probably why they don’t like tengu very much.
    7. A rare few catfolk sorcerers are descended from a kind of feline fey called the grymalkin. They use their power over shadows, innate understanding of illusions, and breath-stealing magic to fight foes.
    8. Some catfolk collect gods like children collect marbles.
    9. Tree-dwelling catfolk clans produce elite warriors who can walk on branches and leaves as easily as a human can walk down a dirt road.
    10. Catfolk priestesses of Sekhmet make a potent type of magical wine which enhances their healing abilities.

    Download the Book of Heroic Races: Advanced Compendium now at the JBE Shop, DriveThruRPG, d20PFSRD, and

    Pathfinder: A Horde of Races

    Tuesday February 14th—Valentine’s Day—sees the launch of the Book of Heroic Races: Advanced Compendium. This has been a work in progress for over two years. So what exactly is inside it?

    Well each race has about 16 pages of material, describing the race, their culture, their view on the world, how others of their kind interact, their religions, and of course plenty of Pathfinder gaming stats. Like what? Well we start off with the Racial Traits, follow that up with alternate racial traits, character traits, a veritable horde of archetypes and other class options, mundane equipment specific to their race, and spells and magic item commonly created by members of that race. We finish off each individual section with ideas for you to integrate this race into your game and NPCs so you can us this race in your game right away. As a bonus we threw in favored class options for this race for over 40 different classes. Sure every class in the core rule book is covered here but so are the classes from the Advanced Player’s Guide to the Advanced Class Guide as well as Ultimate Psionics and the Time Thief thrown in for good measure.

    You want more? Well how about some racial technology for those that want to play a Pathfinder in Spaaaaaace.

    So what races are covered in this book? Glad you asked. We have:

    Download the Book of Heroic Races: Advanced Compendium now at the JBE Shop, DriveThruRPG, d20PFSRD, and

    Pathfinder: Lizards-a-Plenty

    I almost titled this one “Tastes Like Chicken.” I just thought I would share that.

    With Book of Heroic Races: Advanced Lizardfolk released this week, we’ve been sharing with you a number of previews from this favorite race. We shared the racial traits, the tribal defender archetype, and several of the racial feats.

    Today being the end of the week, I thought I would share with you artwork within. Mind you, this is in addition to our signature lizardfolk magus that graces the cover.

    Download the Book of Heroic Races: Advanced Lizardfolk for Pathfinder at DriveThruRPG/RPGNow, d20PFSRD, and

    Book of Heroic Races: Advanced Lizardfolk is part of the Book of Heroic Races: Advanced Compendium. Order and download the Book of Heroic Races: Advanced Compendium now at the JBE Shop, DriveThruRPG, d20PFSRD, and

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