Before I begin, allow me to state that I am a Born Again Christian. Raised in the Church, accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior on Thursday July 7, 1994 at 11:37pm in Greenboro, SC. Since that day I studied the Bible extensively. I didn’t just read Genesis and flip over to the New Testiment like so many. No, my favorite Bible Character is Elisha, disciple of the prophet Elijiah. (First appeared in the end of 1st Kings but had most of his life detailed in 2nd Kings.) I was at a Rich Mullins concert less than 1 year before he died. I’ve been to Promise Keepers, Billy Graham (in the chorus) and John Guest gatherings. I reignited my faith at Jouney #1 (Wyoming Confrence) in 1999. I’ve been on mission trips and participated in IVCF at a very secular college and served as a living witness to many non-believers there. Now I raise my daughter to love and fear God. I believe in Creation (not that Intelligent Design crap) where the earth was created in 7 (24 hour) days and that Adam and Eve were the first 2 people on earth. I am what many considered to be a Christian’s Christian.

I am also a Gamer. Infact, I enjoy role playing games so much, I started my own Role Playing company.

So when I see a fellow Christian posting non-sense like this, it bothers me. At college I was surrounded by many different view points and I searched the Bible for a way to reach them. It was the example laid out by Paul that helped me figure out what best to do. In the book of Acts, Paul presented Jesus through their religion. When talking with the slaves of Rome, he presented them with the promise of being God’s freemen. When talking with Jews he used the law. No matter where he went, he lived with them, got to know what they valued and presented Christ through those values and desires. That was the model I lived by.

Unfortunately, the author of the article does not share the same belief (or at least does not practice such a method in the referenced article). For example, the author stated:

In fact, when game defenders claim that the occult and violence oriented games do not include actual incantations, spells, etc., it is just not true. A trip to the local game store will reveal examples like four volumes of specific Wizards Spells and three volumes of Encyclopedia of Magica.

I ask you: Did you look in the books or did you simply judge the books by their covers? The titles and cover art are simply chosen to convey a theme. This is otherwise called “Marketting,” (a non-Satanic practice by which companies make money to stay in business). Had you opened those books, you would have found “spells,” but these spells are as akin to actual magic as a picture of food is to actual food. Eating a picture of food provides no nutritional value and would be harmful to your body’s digestive system (I do not recommend trying that). In the same way, “spells” in role playing games produce no actual magic (if such even exists). Allow me to demonstrate how a typical spell in Dungeons and Dragons works:

Player: I cast Magic Missile at the grimlin.
Game Master: Ok. Role your dice.
Player: *rolls a plastic die that has 4 sides* I got a 2.
Game Master: Ok. You did 2 points of damage.

That’s it. No incantation. No blood sacrifice. No calling upon some dark lord’s name and swearing to serve him for all eternity if he helps the Player to defeat the grimlin. Just a couple of geeks sitting around a table and doing the geek equivilent of poker night.

The author cited examples of people committing murder and or suicide because of role playing games. I find that rather odd considering that when you play a role playing game, you tend to play with the same group of people for prolonged periods of time. Over that time you make friends, build bonds, and care for those at your table. And if someone starts acting weird or on edge or similar, they are there to intervene and help them through whatever is going on.

Additionally, something frequently cited by BADD (Bothered About Dungeons and Dragons, and organization referenced in the article) why role playing games are so bad is because a person gets attached to their character and may kill themself should something bad happen to their character. I’ll ignore the inability to tell fiction from reality argument and move onto anothe argument that is not as frequently covered. The attachment a person feels for their character is similar to the attachment a person could have for a fictional character on TV. Myself, I loved the character Kutner on the popular TV show House. He killed himself recently. Shot himself in the head. Did I do the same? No. I have not heard about a rash of self-inflicted gun shot wounds to head on national media so I appear to not be the only one. Same is true with one of my characters. Over the years, I have had many, many characters die. None caused me to harm myself or others.

In 2 Peter 1:5-11, Peter lays out the path to spiritial growth. In Verse 5 (NIV), He says:

For this very reason, make every effort to add to your faith goodness; and to goodness, knowledge;

He continues on from there, but he hit the part that is relivent here. Knowledge. In the greek, it is a kind of knowledge gained through experience. I urge you, therefore, brother to add to your faith and your goodness by gaining knowledge. I do not simply mean to go on the internet and find information that validates the ideas you already possess. No. Instead I urge you to go to your forementioned game store and ask the person working behind the counter if there is a role playing game that meets at the store itself. Odds are, there is. Ask when it is, letting the person know that you’ve never seen a role playing game actually being played before and would like to watch it. I recommend not going into some tyraid about how they’re Satanic and responsible for a myriad of social problems. Simply watch with an open mind. You do not have to participate, you can simply sit back and watch.

But most importantly, remember these are souls just like you. And God loves them, just like you.

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Today I opened up the Krakodaran after having shelved it for a few days since my last round of edits. I read it over and was quite pleased. Its been uploaded to DriveThruRPG. Necro-Soldiers remains in its 2nd round of edits. I worked a little on the rough draft of Ice Goliaths this morning. And spiders has another round or two of edits to go. All in all, the series is going rather well.

I’m narrowing down my selections for the subscribers preview. The problem is is that I actually have to decide which ideas to do and which I should hold on to for a later point intime. My plan is to hold off on products that are exclusively Sector Nothart at the moment and focus on general setting products. I’ll keep detailing the setting like I am with Creatures, but I’m not going to be working on the setting in the near future.

That does however allow me to focus on a wider range of products, products that commonly fit into any given Referee’s homebrew setting or other settings at large. I’m also looking to release products for Traveller that Traveller has never seen before, but still makes complete sense to be there.

Late last year I wrote a series of Planets for Traveller and submitted them off to Mongoose Publishing for publication. Today, another saw the light of published. Kresdekka I is a prison planet where the hardest of the hard to go to be removed from society. Inside you’ll find 3 patrons, a player handout, and enough plot hooks to keep your players in lock down wanting to find out what comes next.

Download the free magazine Signs and Portents 68 today.

Necro-Soldier Inspiration

You know the best thing about writing zombies, you have to watch all your favorite zombie movies “to get inspiration.” On my way home from work later today, I’m stopping at the video store to get Resident Evil, Armies of Darkness and Shawn of the Dead. After that, I have to play some Halo. Its a rough life, let me tell you.

The whole Creatures of Distant Worlds series suffers, in my opinion, from a lack of ranged attacks. Sure the Krakodaran has its shout and others have a nice way of getting to the players without being noticed, but most of the twenty-five to fifty monsters in a potential monster compendium use their natural claws or bites or similar. Necro-Soldiers offer a unique solution to that. They’re human bodies controlled by a computer; why can’t they use a gun? Why can’t they operate man-portable artillery? or Tanks? or Space Ships? Mull that last thought for a moment the next time the flood is repairing the Master Chief’s ship right before he blows it up. Ask yourself, how would your favorite SF setting would be different if zombies could fly X-Wings or a Klingon Bird of Prey.

Necro-Soldiers is part of the Creatures of Distant Worlds Subscription.

Subscription Addition

Jon Brazer Enterprises values our subscribers and has decided to reward them with more than just a discount. In addition to five brand new creatures, subscribers receive an exclusive preview of upcoming products and will help decide what the next subscription is going to include. Subscribe today at DriveThruRPG.

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Jon Brazer Enterprises is pleased to announce two new products. The first is the Sand Cobra:

On distant worlds in the deepest regions of space, unknown creatures await unwitting explorers. Close to home, devious politicians and gangsters lure native wild life to carry out their dirty work while maintaining denyability. On a frontier outpost, primitive life forms walk the uninhabited regions hoping claim the civilized place as their new home. Be prepared no matter where your players go. Be ready with the Creatures of Distant Worlds.

Sand Cobras borrow through deserts and beaches. Their venom slows the mind and their strength pulls those they grab under the sand to their doom. Stand up to the challenge and save the day, or fail to defend yourself and become this creature’s next meal.

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The next is the Creatures of Distant Worlds Subscription:

The Creatures of Distant Worlds Subscription bring you a new creature every two weeks. Within each issue is an exciting and dangerous creature to surprise your players. With details like their physical description, combat tactics, habitat and stats for several variations, each unique creature provides a new challenge for different worlds. Additionally, plot hooks describe how the creature fits into Sector Nothart, an upcoming setting from Jon Brazer Enterprises and can easily fit into your home campaign.

This subscription bring you:

Issue 1 – Krakodarans (giant sea creatures with a terrible shout)
Issue 2 – Necro-Soldiers (computer-controlled corpse troops)
Issue 3 – Ice Goliaths (primitive hunters, attacking from above)
Issue 4 – Psiscorpions (semi-sentient creatures drawing their psionic powers from their prey), and
Issue 5 – Spiders (eight legged creatures subduing their prey with their deadly venom)

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Happy Earth Day

Remember to take care of our planet. Its the only one we have at the moment. And remember, science fiction (no matter how bleek) is a hopeful genre because it means we haven’t killed ourselves off yet. But lets see if we can keep the planet we’re living on with us as well. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Jon Brazer Enterprises is happy to announce Creatures of Distant Worlds, a line of creatures that characters discover and encounter during their space travels with stats for the Traveller system.  Each in this series of PDF products detail a single creature with artwork, a physical description, details on how it fights, the environment where it lives, and stats ready for immediate use in your game.  Additionally, every release in the series contains a paragraph about our forthcoming setting and how that creature interacts within the setting.  New creatures arrive every other week.

Creatures of Distant Worlds will be available both individually or as a subscription.  Individually downloaded creatures will be available for US$2.00.  Our subscription of 5 creatures can be purchased for US$8.50, that ‘s less then $1.75 per creature. 

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“Traveller” and the Traveller logo are Trademarks owned by Far Future Enterprises, Inc. and are used with permission.  The Traveller Main Rulebook is available from Mongoose Publishing.

Jon Brazer Enterprises is pleased to announce the Character Datafile for the Traveller Role Playing Game. This 16 page character folio takes you light years beyond the ordinary one page character sheet and keeps you one jump ahead of the common player.

Inside this premium campaign character folio you will discover:

  • Tools to capture your character’s unique personality, look, and stats;
  • Expanded pages for skills and equipment as well as credit/debt tallies;
  • Special sections for psionics, ship operations and mass combat;
  • Space to record your character’s careers, exploits, and personal bests;
  • Multiple sheets for the planets you visited and local subsector charts; and
  • Helpful frequently referenced tables throughout!

Your big damn heroic character is worth the very best in Traveller player aids. Get it now at the Jon Brazer Enterprises Online Store!  Check out the free Preview!

Jon Brazer Enterprises – Bringing the Future to You.

“Traveller” and the Traveller logo are Trademarks owned by Far Future Enterprises, Inc. and are used with permission. The Traveller Main Rulebook is available from Mongoose Publishing.