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About four years ago, I moved the JBE Blog here from the main Reason was because I added the store to the main site, and it was clashing with the blog. It made life difficult to find the blog post you wanted to see. So the easy solution was to split the blog off into its own site. Fast forward to the start of this year. I decided to kill the store because it was more work to maintain than I wanted to invest in it. Every minute I was maintaining the store was a minute I wasn’t working on our next project. So I decided I wanted to focus on creating awesome products and not renew the store’s business subscription.

So that brings us to today. is to renew in a month. So instead, we decided to move all the blog entries for the past few years back to It makes life simpler for me, letting me focus more of our time on creating more awesome gaming material for you and your table.

If you subscribe to our blog, you can now subscribe to and not miss a single post. See everything we’ve got there today.

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