How Do You Play Traveller These Days

With COVID still going on in the US with no end in sight, I am wondering how Traveller gamers are getting their fix of our favorite sci-fi game. Vote in the poll below and help us better make products for you.

If you do play over Fantasy Grounds, be sure to pick up the d66 Compendium for the system. This book of tables is perfect for a virtual tabletop, having tables programmed in so you get the result with a single click. Download today at the Fantasy Grounds Store. You can also order the print book or download the PDF at the JBE Shop or DriveThruRPG.

5 Comments on “How Do You Play Traveller These Days

  1. Not playing at present but would like to get a Roll20 game going. I’m told Fantasy Grounds doesn’t run well on Mac so I’m avoiding it at present.


    • The new version of Fantasy Grounds (Unity) works well on a Mac. Plus Fantasy Grounds has official support for Traveller while Roll20 does not.


  2. Playing via Skype and it’s great. Actually works better that face-to-face as there is no real life travelling involved, and I can game with friends overseas 🙂


  3. I’d like to see some solo play that expresses game play in a similar fashion as Call of Cthulhu’s Alone Against the flames.


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