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Monthly Archives: February 2015

I do admit that for quite some time I did not “get” Fate. I tried to. I’ve read the Dresden Files RPG books as well as the FATE Core RPG book. I played in a few games at conventions. But for whatever reason it just didn’t feel I understood the game. That all changed this past weekend. I played in a Dune-verse Fate Core game (thank you to the excellent GM and… Read More

Up here in the Northeast US, we have been getting frozen out since that groundhog said Spring is weeks away yet. Thanks alot, rodent. Help us in fighting back. We have the Book of Magic: Insurgency of Summer for Pathfinder one sale this week for $1. That is about 75% off the regular price. This is sale, you get: 10 new spells 2 new animal companions A new bard masterpiece 3 new… Read More

Curiosity Has Never Faced These Cats Whether they be thieves, priests, or dashing swordsmen, catfolk are renowned hunters and admirers of anything novel or strange. They seek out new experiences with zeal and fight their enemies with remarkable agility. Now you can play a catfolk character like never before! Book of Heroic Races: Advanced Catfolk gives you everything you need to play a catfolk character. This 22-page supplement features: Standard Racial Traits… Read More

With Book of Heroic Races: Advanced Catfolk coming out soon, we wanted to share with you a few things written for this release that we are not including … yet. Science fiction elements have recently been stated up by Paizo for the campaign setting. Since we cannot refer to the book from which it comes, we thought we would share with you on the web some technology for catfolk. If and when… Read More

We’re getting ready to release Book of Heroic Races: Advanced Catfolksoon. Today, I thought I would share the artwork from it. We decided early on with catfolk that we are not going to tell you which style of catfolk to play, whether human-like catfolk or a cat-like catfolk. We decided to you decide. As such, we made sure to reflect it in the artwork. We hope you enjoy these images. Download the… Read More

Coming up next from Jon Brazer Enterprises is the Book of Heroic Races: Advanced Catfolk. This release has a number of options for cat lovers everywhere. But what I want to show off first are the two new Alternate Racial Traits. These two are perfect of any feline player character. Check them out. Feline Bite: Some catfolk are adept at delivering powerful bites in combat. Catfolk with this racial trait have a… Read More

The last exclusive look that I wanted to get out last week, I did not have time to post. So I took a few moments over the weekend to prepare some of the maps from Deadly Delves: Quests of the Sands. These two beautiful maps are from the short adventures Wreck of the Golden Barque and the Bandit King’s Hideout. Each of these short adventures, or quests, are enough for one night’s… Read More