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Monthly Archives: September 2013

When that gruff old war hero starts spouting off again about how he won the battle single-handedly, remember to give that space battle a name. d66 Names of Famous Space Battles lets you add the flavor to the character with no hesitation. Have a unique name ready in an instant. Don’t forget to mention what ship he served on. Every planet, corporation, independent space station and self-governing moon has its own military… Read More

Will you walk the line between life and death, or will you choose a side, against your own nature? Even among the planetouched races, the reapers are outcast. The children of psychopomps and humans, reapers see the world from both the perspective of the living and the dead. Book of Heroic Races: Reapers gives you everything you need to play a half-psychopomp character. This 30-page supplement, presented with a forbidden tome background… Read More