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Counterspelling has never been any d20-based game’s strong suit. So when I played an elven abjurer named Riyal, I decided I would come up with a few ways of my own to knock my fellow spellcasters down to size. These spells were an obvious choice to be added in when I was writing up Book of Magic: Signature Spells 2. I hope you enjoy them in your game. RIYAL’S COUNTERSPELLING PREPAREDNESS School… Read More

I really enjoy a good mass combat encounter from time to time. In my opinion, it helps to give the game a note of the epic. So when books and movies like Starship Troopers large scale combats, I eat them up. My first work in Traveller was to develop some monsters to use in your game. Today, however, I am going to you something a little different. We, at Jon Brazer Enterprises,… Read More

One thing I dislike about dragons is how rare they are. I mean, in all my years of gaming, the only monster I have seen less than a dragon is a beholder (and we didn’t fight the beholder). So I wanted to make dragons more accessable. This dragon was suppose to be the first in a series of really low level dragons that can make dragons far more accessible to game masters…. Read More

A friend my girlfriend use to game with loved to play a hard-headed cleric named Clarissa. My GF told me plenty of stories about how you could say things to the character and she just would never understand exactly what you meant. The player did naturally, but the character was as few arrows short of a quiver. So when we were coming up with spells for Book of Magic: Signature Spells 2,… Read More

Shape your fire words any way you desire. Keep the cold damage coming round after round. Blast your enemies with sound waves. Book of Magic: Energy Words Revisited lets you attack your enemies with acid, cold, electricity, fire, or sonic damage—whether for an instant, or over a series of rounds. Show those Vancian casters the true mastery of elemental forces! Download this 10 page revisit to the Words of Power magic system… Read More

Today we are releasing two new d66 lists for your games. We are bringing you d66 Reasons for an Amber Alert System and d66 Reasons for a Red Alert System. Some worlds are just so dangerous that a travel advisory needs to be posted. Some only potentially dangerous and receive an Amber Alert. Others are outright illegal for unauthorized personnel to enter or otherwise life threatening and require a Red Alert. These… Read More

This week in Traveller, we bring you a new combat Robot. Everyone needs an evil “Exterminator” robot that yells “Terminate”. Well we are bringing you exactly that this week. We hope it enhances your game. Krown TS-165 “Executioner” Combat Robot (TL 12) Available now from Krown Robotics, is the Executioner. This fully autonomous robot set a new gold standard in mechanized warfare. With improved armor and independent targeting for each gun arm,… Read More

This is the first year in a while that Jon Brazer Enterprises will not be attending PaizoCon. We will miss you all and hope everyone there has a good time. But if you are like me and cannot make it this year, we have a surprise for you. All this week, we are running the “We’re Not Going To PaizoCon Sale” at Grab all of our PDFs that are over $1… Read More

With the PDF being released in a mere 2 weeks, it is time to start the previews for the Book of Beasts: Legendary Foes. We are starting off today with one of the lowest level monster in the book, a CR 15 creature. That’s right, this book starts at CR 15. So if you like your games at high levels, this is the monster book for you. This monster book is exactly… Read More