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I would like to give a very hearty thank you to all of our backers that helped make Shadowsfall: Temple of Orcus a reality. These are: Deathhand Donors David R. Bender, James Boland, John N. Caparso, Scott C. Nolan Dread Gargoyle Donors Kevin W. Keller, James Priebnow Spiderbear Donors John Bennett, Terence Bowlby, Vance Ludemann, Daniel Petersen, Chris & Cindy Rathunde, Franz Georg Roesel, Scott Speakman Fetchling Donors Russ Akred, Chris and… Read More

Last month, I put in an open call for resumes for an editor (original post). We plan to be going through those resumes starting tonight. So if you have been putting off applying, now is the time. As before, please include your edits to this blog post in a word document with track changes turned on. Please send the edited blog post and your resume in .doc/.docx format to this email address…. Read More

As we mentioned in the big announcement, the Book of the River Nations is getting the character options Hero Labbed. Well we are pleased to announce that everyone that received the PDF copy of the Compendium is getting FREE access to the Hero Lab file, whether you purchased the PDF or if you received it as part of our PDF Guarantee when purchasing the print book. Jon Brazer Enterprises is committed to… Read More

Fight the Dark Side! For the game master, a new plane of peril—Shadowsfall. This level 5 Adventure takes your gaming party to the Plane of Shadows. The head of the local militia and her children are missing and only the characters can rescue them. In this introduction to Shadowsfall, challenge your adventurers to brave the Land of Eternal Night. For the avid player, four sample 5th level characters showcase new player options… Read More

As we have been mentioning all week, we have a major announcement that we are making today. I am sure you are eagerly wondering what this surprise is. So before I make that announcement, I would like welcome E. Steev Ramsdell into the Jon Brazer Enterprises’ family. He will be in charge of creating Hero Lab files for all Jon Brazer Enterprises’ products, insuring that JBE’s products integrate as seamlessly as possible… Read More

Taking a break from my normal writing, I decided to write up a quick Oread Fighter, using options presented in the Advanced Race Guide and the Advanced Player’s Guide. If you have yet to see it, this will give you a small preview of some of the options for the oread race contained within. And incase you are wondering, this has nothing to do with tomorrow’s announcement. Cove Granitefist           CR 6 XP… Read More

Just one more day is all you have to wait until a major Pathfinder announcement.

Two more days until a major Pathfinder Announcement!

Just 3 more days until a Major Pathfinder Announcement.

Last week I started posting material from upcoming products that are almost complete but are on hold while I’m finishing up Shadowsfall: Shadow Plane Player’s Companion. This week I’m posting something written by Marie Small, a very talented writer who advanced far in Paizo’s RPG Superstar Competition. We’re showing you the Seedling racial abilities. The Seedlings are a humanoid race of tree people that demonstrate that the forest is far from defenseless…. Read More