Pathfinder: Kickstarter for a Free RPG Day Adventure

Earlier this month we announced that we’re releasing several books that details the Plane of Shadows next year. One of the books we would like to do is an adventure and we would like to give it away for Free RPG Day. However to print the adventure, we need your help. We need your help to print the book so we can have it sent to game stores around the world and give it to you for free. To do this, we set up a Kickstarter campaign so you which explains all the great benefits you can get for contributing to this endeavor. Whether you contribute or not, share our Kickstarter page with every gamer you know. This will help us gain exposure and help us meet our goal.

Please contribute today and share on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Thank you!

5 Comments on “Pathfinder: Kickstarter for a Free RPG Day Adventure

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  2. Will “Temple of Orcus” be for sale after Free RPG Day, as Paizo’s own Pathfinder giveaways are?


    • Yes. You will be able to order it from my website or pick it up at PaizoCon.


      • But not along with your other products through Paizo’s webstore?


      • We’re exploring that possibility. I don’t have solid info on that yet.


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