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Monthly Archives: September 2011

In one week, the world will be made aware. A time of darkness is at hand. Heroes shall see their torches and fires dim. Soon shall come the desolate land. In one week, monsters and horrors shall rise, Fear is sated and courage shall fly. Terror cuts and chills bravery to the bone, Here in the land where death may die. In one week, you shall know a new Kind of hero… Read More

Got Unique Spells? Created by some of the best spellcasters in the world, the Book of Magic bears their unique magical creations. From Riyal the Abjurer to Halican the Pirate King to Rostov the snake-loving druid, these spells for every Pathfinder class are sure to surprise your foes and your friends. Book of Magic: Signature Spells 1 delivers to you more than 30 new spells focusing on levels 1-3. These new options… Read More

In honor of International Talk Like A Pirate Day, we at Jon Brazer Enterprises are making it known a few of our upcoming plan! We plan to be releasin’ a few Pirate themed PDFs over the next few months and we would like to invite ye to submit yur best pirate themed spells to us for publication, har har. What are we lookin’ fur? We want spells for any and all of… Read More

As a small business owner, Jon Brazer Enterprises does our part to give back to the community and make our world a better place. To this end, myself and others are supporting the Wayne Foundation by donating a number of our products to put together a charity bundle. For your donation to this charity, you get a PDF copy of all of the following books: Jon Brazer Enterprises Book of Beasts: Wandering… Read More

Jon Brazer Enterprises is proud to announce that the Book of Beasts: Monsters of the River Nations and the Book of the River Nations: Complete Player’s Reference for Kingdom Building are up for Gaming Genius Awards in the categories of Best RPG Supplement and Most Innovative New Product. See all the award Nominees here. (Sorry we deleted the link since the site has since been taken over by spambots.) We at Jon… Read More