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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Two years ago today, Jon Brazer Enterprises released our first product. To celebrate our anniversary, we’ve reduced our prices on every PDF that is over $1 by 20%. Everything! Pathfinder. Traveller. You name it. If it costs more than a dollar, we lowered it by 20%. See everything for sale at DriveThruRPG, RPGNow and at Paizo. Thank you for being with us on a wonderful two year ride. We hope you will… Read More

You do the Crime, You do the Time. That’s the way it goes isn’t it. Once you’re out of jail you, have a story to tell and a history. Enrich that story with the latest d66 lists. First up is d66 Criminal Ship Names. Every good crime story has a ship in it somewhere. Whether it is the getaway cruiser, a blockade runner or a yacht designed to scam suckers out of… Read More

Its official as of earlier this afternoon! Jon Brazer Enterprises is going to PaizoCon! We are so excited. Our current plan is for me to run some games/seminars while the worlds greatest girlfriend works the vendor’s table. So we’d like your input as to what we should do. Here are a few ideas we have: Seminar – Designing your own Conquest Campaign: This seminar helps GMs to set up their own sandbox-style… Read More