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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Book of Beasts: Wandering Monsters 1 from Jon Brazer Enterprises describes new fierce and fantastic denizens for many campaigns. This fully bookmarked PDF includes 5 new monsters that provide players with new challenges and new difficulties to face. These monster include: Blightdaemon (CR 4): daemon of disease that leaves a trail of death in its path, Death Adept (CR 8): an undead priest and commander of the undead forces, Mantian (CR 5):… Read More

Just in time for your weekend Traveller game, Jon Brazer Enterprises brings you four new d66 lists for your game. The first one is for players as much as Referees. d66 Gambling Games. Every gambler needs their preferred way to potentially make a fortune and every world needs its own way unique way to lose big to your bookie. d66 Gambling Games can give you inspiration for your game and for your… Read More

Dale McCoy of Jon Brazer Enterprises is now a regular columnist over at the Robot Viking. In his first installment of the Brazer Bulletin he discusses what the GAMA Trade Show is really like. He went last year and shares his experiences of what it is like to go. Future post to the column will discuss Third Party Pathfinder and Traveller Products, Pathfinder and Traveller News, and anything else going on in… Read More

Explore the uncharted! Tame the Land! Rule Your Own Nation! Book of the River Nations: Feats, Spells and Secret Societies gives you the archetypes, prestige classes, feats and spells you need to explore and rule over your kingdom. These new feats and spells assist you in being a better ruler and a better military general. Delve into the organizations and secret societies you may wish to promote and the archetypes and prestige… Read More

March 1-7 is the GM’s Day Sale on DriveThruRPG and RPGNow. Jon Brazer Enterprises has over a dozen of our most popular products on sale. Take 25% off of our prices right now and get your hand on the titles you’ve been wanting. But grab these titles now. This sale ends in less than 1 week. Enhance your World and Your Game Today.