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Monthly Archives: December 2010

Based on Kingmaker rules, Book of the River Nations: Mass Combat presents rules for the character’s nation to rise against another nation with a simple and fun system. Perfect for players in any Pathfinder game that uses mass combat rules and an ideal reference for game masters to have a handy reference. With errata incorporated and frequently asked questions clarified, this book is the goto reference for mass combat. Now everyone at… Read More

Later this week, Book of the River Nations: Mass Combat will be released from Jon Brazer Enterprises. It will feature the Kingmaker rules with: errata incorporated, frequently asked questions answered, flying mounted units detailed, vassal armies elaborated upon, and zombie hordes … horded This book is perfect for the player in any game that uses mass combat rules and the game master that doesn’t want to have to retype the rules for… Read More

As Solomani Claus travels around known space to bring all the good little girls and boys toys, he also bring you Traveller players some new d66 lists. For the gambler, he brings d66 Sports Team Names. So now your Referee can give you something to gamble on instead of merely a game of cards. Whether the Riftskimmers are playing the Admirals or the 589ers are playing the Dodgers, your gambler will enjoy… Read More