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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Explore the uncharted! Tame the Land! Rule Your Own Nation! Book of the River Nations: Exploration and Kingdom Building gives you the rules you need to explore lands unknown and then to rule those lands. These rules are expanded to include easy to read flow charts for exploration and kingdom turns, new buildings to include in your cities, more than double the events, and expanded Exploration, City, and Kingdom Sheets. Rule your… Read More

Dale McCoy, Jr was recently interviewed by Jenn from the Jennisodes Podcast. Now that podcast is online and available for your listening enjoyment. We discuss Freelancing, Game Development, Pathfinder, Traveller, and the Dresden Files RPG. Give it a listen at

For the rest of November, Jon Brazer Enterprises is offering free shipping in the US and reduced shipping worldwide. Free shipping is only on Standard and Economy shipping options and on select books. Those books include: Book of Beasts: Monsters of the River Nations (Pathfinder RPG), Mech Tech ‘n’ bot: Mech Squadrons (Traveller RPG), and d66 Compendium (Traveller RPG). All of these titles carry our PDF Guarantee, so you get the PDF… Read More

Hot on the heals of the d66 Compendium, the monthly d66 lists are back and are better than ever. Kicking off this new wave of everyone’s favorite list of 36 names and inspirational nuggets is the ever dangerous d66 Disease Names. Since diseases will only get worse in the future, and who knows what virus may turn up on some alien world long forgotten by the ancients, we devoted our first new… Read More

The d66 Compendium got its first review in Freelance Traveller. Here an excerpt from it: Jon Brazer Enterprises has taken a simple idea and turned it into a convenient tool for the rushed referee. …for the referee who seeks to minimize the time pre-paring for an adventure, or who suddenly finds him-self at a loss for a name or an item of some sort, lists and compilations of lists like this can… Read More

Get personal—fully fleshed arch-nemeses and cohorts for your characters await within! The Book of Friends and Foes delivers five NPCs to fill out your game session. Each supplement describes distinctive personalities based on a locale or theme and targeted to a specific CR range. Built for character interaction, these NPCs can both help and hinder a party as your story requires. Use them to hang plot hooks and move your adventure along…. Read More