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Monthly Archives: March 2010

I’ve decided to post every other week or so some advice for GMing Traveller. For the first few posts, there will be alot of skipping around to various areas that I am thinking about (or writing about) during that period of time. In the future I will probably do more serial advice on longer topics. But we’ll cross that bridge more when we come to it. First up: How to include everyone… Read More

Today is the last day of the Gama Trade Show 2010. I’ve learned alot, met alot of people and got a whole lot of business cards. But the single biggest thing I have learned, I am doing ok. I’ve learned about Chinese Manufacturing, but also learned that for the forseeable future it is better to print in America (or Europe, depending on where a particular book is going to sell better). I’ve… Read More

About 5 minutes ago, I finished up the layout of Mech Tech ‘n’ bot: Mech Squadrons. One more edit pass and some tweeking of the cover and it is ready to go off to the printer. YEAH!!! This is the first book I’ve written where I was concerned about page count. I am budgeted for 32 pages so anything I write that goes beyond that is being left on the cutting room… Read More

Thank you everyone that made the Traveller Mech Tech ‘n’ bot Sale a whopping success. Thanks to this, I will be able to do a print run as large as I want. Mech Tech ‘n’ bot: Mech Squadrons will be going to the printer in about two weeks. I would go off next week, but my girlfriend and I am going to be at the Gama Trade Show in Las Vegas. I… Read More

Next month, Jon Brazer Enterprises will be celebrating our 1 year anniversary. And for our one year anniversary, we will be publishing Mech Tech ‘n’ Bot: Mech Squadrons and having it available for your local game store to order and carry. So before we can do that, we have to print a number of copies. To help raise money for our first offset print run, we are going to be selling Mech… Read More

A complete combat encounter, Encounters and Maps: Cave of Kobolds is designed for a group of 4-5 players with an average level of 1, 3 or 5. Inside this balanced encounter, you will find: a full-color map (presented for a large printer and also cut to 8-1/2″ x 11″ / A4 paper) a printer-friendly, black-and-white map (same sizes as the full color) a printer-friendly GM’s map (8-1/2″ x 11″ / A4) descriptions… Read More

I applied to have my the Brazer Blog over at ENWorld added to the RPG Bloggers Network and they accepted it today. If you are not familiar with the Brazer Blog, it focuses mostly on the Pathfinder RPG material, but there is the occasional Traveller post there as well. Mostly I blog about actual play experiences with my Pathfinder character currently in a Curse of the Crimson Throne campaign (and give tips… Read More