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Monthly Archives: December 2009

2009 is fast coming to a close and 2010 is upon us. And Jon Brazer Enterprises is still around. So far, so good. Eight months in active operations and we’re going strong. A total of 36 products released and I am pleased with how all of them are doing. We started off this year with a few ideas: specifickly an expanded character sheet and an attempt at making a book of monsters… Read More

Fight your battles on scenes of space. Fourteen scenes for your sci-fi space battles to take place in. Escape an exploding planet, dodge ice asteroids, navigate a nebula, or traverse the stars with a distant galaxy in the background. Two scenes laid out for large printers. Twelve pages laid out for letter/A4 paper. All images have a 1″ hex grid. Play your sci-fi games with dramatic backgrounds. Scenes of Space Hex Battle… Read More

This month’s dispatches of d66 lists focus on fleshing out solar systems. To this end, we bring you d66 Planet Names, d66 Comet Names and d66 Ship Names 2. Armed with these three lists, you can give more life to a new location immediately after your players jump in. As a chaser to these, the last list of 2009 is d66 Alcoholic Drinks. Want your character to order Tiebrian Water (shaken, not… Read More